Grief and Loss

Grief and Loss

Being separated from loved ones and being torn from home and everything familiar is devastating for children and youth. The resulting experiences of loss and grief are profound and lasting. Because children have no choices in this experience, the impact for them is more severe than that for the adults in similar events. The training is designed to increase understanding, awareness and strategies for caretakers and providers who will help the child process, cope and eventually integrate the overwhelming and persistent feelings they are struggling with. We have incorporated experiential exercises to build empathy and sensitivity in care providers and address the grief that surfaces for us as we help the youth along this painful journey.

Grief and Loss


  • Learn the stages, triggers and reactions to grief in children, youth and ourselves
  • Learn how to help others and ourselves manage and move through grief
  • Learn to honor grief as a natural process and healing as an ongoing process

Fee Structure

Full-Day Training Rate – $6000
Half-Day Training Rate – $4500

In-person training will also include travel expenses and per diem rates subject to market rates.

Financial assistance may be available for agencies in need of support.