Working with Traumatized Adults

Working with Traumatized Adults

In this training trauma will be illustrated and addressed from the perspective of the neuro-physiological impact on adult social development, emotions and behavior. Participants will become familiar with the signs and symptoms of internal and external triggers experienced by our clients with specific interventions geared to creating inner calm and regulation in the stressed out adult. We will define trauma, identify triggers, signs and symptoms, and recognize trauma driven behaviors. We will examine ways to engage and help stabilize clients who are suffering, and in crisis. The goals of the training are to help retrain our thought patterns that will increase internal states of self -regulation and calm, and decrease overwhelming negative stress impacts and reactions concurrently for our clients and ourselves.

Working with Traumatized Adults 2


  • Develop an active understanding of some causes and manifestations of trauma and its role in the adult client’s social development, emotions, and behaviors 
  • Participants will be able to draw on key reflective insights and develop some more effective strategies for working with traumatized adults
  • Learn to effectively respond to fear and stress driven behaviors with de-escalating verbal and non-verbal communications 
  • Examine a number of self-regulation strategies and practices

Fee Structure

Full-Day Training Rate – $6000
Half-Day Training Rate – $4500

In-person training will also include travel expenses and per diem rates subject to market rates.

Financial assistance may be available for agencies in need of support.