Introduction to ACEs

* on-demand training

This training points providers to the mission of ACEs which is to change and save lives by helping providers understand the importance of screening for Adverse Childhood Experiences and training providers to respond with trauma-informed care to mitigate the health impacts of toxic stress.



  • Define Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and their prevalence, health disparities
  • including toxic stress physiology, and related impacts on health, and underlying
  • biological mechanisms.
  • Understand staff’s and client’s vulnerability to traumatic stress.
  • Be resilient in the face of overwhelming and emotionally intense demands.
  • Understand the role of toxic stress in relation to health risks, anger, emotions and
  • Access neuro-physiological regulation.
  • Access strategies for accelerated recovery and self-regulation.
  • Recognize early warning signs of stress overload in yourself and others in your circle of
  • colleagues, co-workers.
  • Create a work environment to promote support, increase morale and effectiveness.
  • Accountability helps.
  • Connect with examples of ST/VT/PTSD and Burnout.

Fee Structure

Full-Day Training Rate – $6000
Half-Day Training Rate – $4500

In-person training will also include travel expenses and per diem rates subject to market rates.

Financial assistance may be available for agencies in need of support.