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Beverly Kyer


Beverly has been a Public Speaker and Educator for more than 35 years with specialties in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; the Trauma Impact on Brain Development, behavior and Learning in Children, Youth and adults, and Compassion Fatigue, AKA Secondary or Vicarious Trauma.

Beverly has served as the EAP Employee Assistance Program Coordinator, and the Assistant Chief of Social Work Services, Bronx N.Y. Veteran’s Administration Medical Center. She has served several years working with children and families receiving medical & psychiatric care, and those in Juvenile Justice and the Foster Care systems. Beverly is a Certified Compassion Fatigue Reset Specialist, and is the Founder and CEO of The Kyer Group Corporation, a team of compassionate Trauma Informed Specialists, who help those in the Helping Professions.

Beverly travels throughout the country with a mission is to educate, inspire and support recovery, resilience, capacity, effectiveness and determination for Professional Service Providers, and Family Caregivers to the physically and mentally challenged, the victimized, traumatized and most vulnerable in society; our children.

Roles in her career include: Trainer/Educator, Readjustment Counseling Therapist, Psychiatric and Medical Social Worker, Social Work Field Placement Supervisor for Columbia University, Program Coordinator, Social Work Supervisor and Grief & Loss and Trauma Informed Educator, Counselor and Consultant. Beverly has recently joined UC Davis Extension as an Instructor.

Beverly’s participatory training style creates an interactive and collaborative learning environment focused towards seeking answers and promoting Self-Care via her Healthy Workplace Initiative.

Formal Education:
Borough of Manhattan Community College, New York City
North Peralta Community College, Oakland California
University of California, Berkeley California
Hunter College Graduate School of Social Work, New York City
Northeast Regional Medical Education Center, New York State